My name is Stina Jarenskog and this is my story.
I grew up in my mother's pottery, making figures in clay before I could even crawl.
I started taking courses in silversmithing as a twelve-year-old, and after finishing studying art at Shillerska gymnatiet I studied craft and silversmithing on Hellidens folkhögskola for a year. After that, I got my self a two-year education in Goldsmithing and design at Lärcenter Falköping and moved on working as a graphical designer for a few years, and doing ceramics as a hobby. Not feeling entirely comfortable in an office environment, I dreamt of getting my hands dirty again and began studying prop making at Nordiska scenografiskolan at LTU in Skellefteå. After that I moved to Tibro to get more craft skills at Hantverkscentrum, studying woodworking, gilding, wood carving and decorative painting. During that time I started to make statues for fun, and before I knew it developed into a profession. Today I'm pretty much back where I started making my clay figures, but using the skills and techniques I gained along the way. 
I run my own business and I'm loving every second of it.